Reflexology Package 3 sessions of 45 mins

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Foot reflexology is much more than just relaxation, it is a treatment that has powerful detox techniques which helps eliminate the toxins through your bloodstream. That helps the body heal itself because when the reflex points are treated with acupressure it increases the blood circulation to the corresponding part of the body.

Our experienced reflexologist will be able to advise you on the best method if you are new to reflexology.

We are now offering a great deal on our reflexology package. We are offering 3 sessions (normally €225) for just €180.

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Foot reflexology can help with:

-Lymphatic System

-Nausea and tiredness


-Improving circulation

-Improving sleep

-Improving digestive system

-Improving reproductive system

-Sinusitis and headaches

-Stiff muscles

-Back, neck & shoulders pain

-Lower back pain

-Reducing tension caused by stress

-Body balance


You should not book a reflexology session if you suffer from any of these issues:

Contagious/Infectious Diseases

Internal Bleeding

Have had a heart transplant


Hip or knee replacement

Are currently on antibiotics

Infections in the feet

Pregnancy until the 14th week

If you have one of these symptoms it will be suitable for a foot relaxation massage instead of reflexology.

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  1. Eliana

    Iula it’s an excellent professional, I have my massages monthly and every time I go she has another technique and something new , she is always improving even tho is she is already the best !

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